17 November 2006

Budak Jahat!

My datuk and nenek, recntly are here at my home. They here because my bapak uncle is in the ICU cause of Parkison.....this past raye, my grandparent celebrate for the first time w/out their grandchildren and mak sedara 'mengedeng' dkt diaorang, poorly when we arrive they just mak sedara karet yg melaha anak2 buah pasal tak balik awal jaga nenek...that long story...once, while i was grow up, as i come from broken family most people will said, people around me will assumed me and my sibling will be total lost..mean jadi budak jahat, etc...but it time i teach them back...this datuk now in black and white...

this my nenek now...

my father has done everything to satisfying his parent, i'm sure so, even my datuk is not my father real father, i know my father has been the total good son....i hope that my makcik and pakchik will soon realise that what they became...the person that they assume me and my sibling will be one days(as not what they think) as what they are now!

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