16 February 2007

Worth watching!

There those days i been freaking tv nerd. I mean it, i know every schelude program, and what worth to watch. Ringht now, the sklill actually helpful, so i know when to watch and when to listen to old man said. My father actually don't like my habit with tv. So with cabel tv, we can watch when ever we one, seriously after old man slept hahahahha.

courtesy of nbc.

I been a fan for new series on start world heroes, story of just ordinary people find out they have extra skills hahahha, nice introducing, actually it been long time i been fan of kind freak drama series. I totally into family drama ringht now, maybe heroes got the element. And may also cause of Jess from gilmore girl playing a role in this drama, Jess already grow up. Hahhaha...

courtesy of nbc.

I'm also a freak long time fan for american idols, why malaysia talent not judge like american idol? why judge by race, face and behaviours, maybe it should not call singing contest but more personality contest. Realize or not, more male come to audition this day then before, time like sinaran when u can hear just siti,ziana, siti,ziana song sing by contestent...hahaha...here my favourite contestant so far in american idol...

Blake Lewis

Phill Stacey

Sanjaya Malakar

and one girl.....

Melinda Doolittle

all picture courtesy of American idol

watch out for this season of american idol, may all wannabe can learn something from them....

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