25 March 2007

Gangstar vs Heroes

Actually I want to put something about gang star as is was on my list currently watching TV show but as matter of fact, I don’t really follow up the show since AF a s start. Since last post, I actually busy finishing Heroes season 1 until episode 18 in youtube. Official, if u can ask anything what happen to any character if u don’t have patient to wait Starworld to air all episode in TV, like me lah…u can ask me anytime, now I boring cause have nothing to wait for on Wednesday night. Never mind still got AF. After finish watching all episode of heroes, I been fall to the kid character that recently saw in Grey Anatomy as Adopted son to the gay couple. Okay enough about heroes! Anyway, I still got the favorite group that i like in gang star. There are Luscious and Mendua. So, check out the two groups on the show every Sunday, 9.00 pm on TV3. Don’t forget to check out the favorite yet controversy judge Mr. Vernon a.k.a Mr. Manager on the same program.



Now my nephew progress reports, after abang besday, adik has start stand on his feet and try to walk b himself. So maybe after next month adik will run likr Hiro Nakamura on Heroes and hopefully too abang will speak clearly after that time. Bad thing happen for god and as in heroes character, after adik long sickness and abang besday they too recently adopt special power like Heroes character, they ability is double or triple their self. See it for yourself…

abang can triple himself!

adik still figure our how to control the power!

Don’t believe it! Believe it! Check this url for further information.

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  1. gal! i put both pics in my blog ok? tq