18 March 2007

Mukhsin Vs Turistas

In a week I already watching 2 movie at GSC, Times Square, both in different date, date with a friends seriously and watching both movie without your own money is really worthy..kah2. In fact I really don't eager to watch Turistas because I really do aspect how the flow of the story will go. Anyhow that is not the reason that actually at the end that I did enjoying the story that actually terrified or in Malay word said ‘ngilu’ to watch the surgery when the doctor actually taking the heart, limp and all the organ when the fact the tourist still alive. Even actually when I think back, it just a waste of time the story when director focus on the journey of the tourist to the dead place when the can focus on what the doctor actually do. Of course, like other horror and thriller movie the heroes and their love one will always save from the tragedy expect from several movie.

I like ‘Mukhsin’ but not that much, I love the path making the ice cream. I like the play path when the girl play ‘kahwin-kahwin’ and the boys play ‘galah panjang’. Anywhere, in my times, girl and boy join adventure in every game not like in this story. Maybe because I grow up in 90 eras, when actually we are open minded children. In ‘Mukhsin’, the path when Mukhsin hug is brother is most describe happen to me most of younger time. The background of Mukhsin most touches my heart and I see Orked as mengada2 in this film. I think the story going to the ending quiet a slow motion but maybe because it art film like most people said. In other hand, I really exited to watch ‘cermin’ cause it latest acting by Deanna Yusof and next Afdlin Shauki film, Sumolah. So Mukhsin vs Turistas…I think better watch heroes episode 10 in youtube first. Kah2...

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