11 March 2007

My Fiqriat Turn 2

Fiqriat already turn 2 on Thursdays, 8 March. Fiqriat celebrate his birthday at home yesterday with mum, daddy, adik, akak, ibu, umi, atuk, nenek, mak su, pak su, mak yang, his cousin and fellow friends. He look happy and blow up his own cake and make a peace with his cousin for the first time ever. Be love; be cherishing by his uncle and his aunty, he look forward for new improvement like talking nonsense and playing smart by now! So, go fiqriat! Lot of luv from your ibu and to clear something to my reader, I’m not a mother yet! I’m just ‘mak sedara’ and my nephew calls me ibu. How sweet kan!

'hurry babe before that cake cair pulak! x dapt aku rasa kek ko!'

'lama sangat nak tunggu dia nie potong kek baik aku makan dulu!

More picture at samarbaby!

p/s: Fikri actually fine and really in very active condition, just hope the blood test will turn good. Blood test result on 4 april 2007.
More picture at samarbaby!

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