27 September 2007

Me question who?

I find it can't really tolerate when people start discuss about religion or bring out this topic in conversation. I find it difficult to be really open minded. Far because most of them don't really understand what is my religion is? why? and maybe because they don't take class like tamadun asia or sosiologi. Even thou they learn about it, they don't really understand like they way i understand they religion. I always don't like to condemn other people belief, i like to read seriously i know some fact about other people religion. Plus my sister temp at SII. So i'm also belief in human right.But really far from this i can't really tolerate when people question why i'm fasting? condemn this practice, etc without reason and of course knowledge of why...still not all of them, quiet of number already aware and create awareness why we fasting and why pray like that! For me it just the way we practice our belief, like i never question your belief and way u pray to your god. So before start annoying conversation, why just go read some book about religion in Asia or in small scope religion in Malaysia. Sometime nak terkeluar jugak tagline kakak aku..stupid like anything..before i do just go read some book before you come and act like u know everything.

Other than that, my family go for shopping last Sunday at Mid Valley..I got really good t-shirt and vinci high heel plus sandal at good price. Why my sister condemn me why beli the consider 'expensive to her' sandal. I don't care, this is photo of us giler bershopping sakan sampai sempat snap dalam fitting room. My big sisters got themself a pair baju kurung, while we the small..can consider small to them buy our t-shirt rather than baju kurung. Enjoy viewing...no pics of stuff we buy...

Very happy to take train

My elder sis with my fiqriat

Nie dekat JJ punya tempat mainan guna coins...but we just bluff them!

And then we lepak kat jap kat baby diaper/tmpt tukar lampin andbagi minum susu dkt jusco toilet while my 2'nd sister go buying her baju raye! Nielah jadahnya jadi babysis..

then...this boys eat in front of us like we don't need to eat at all!!

we was in the padini fitting room!

i bosan giler today...i really wanted new job! Seriously after two gals blah from the stupid company. I wanted to blah too! I need a future not just salary...the salary part actually i need more..kah2...i gonna miss the 2 gal..really gonna miss them...

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