28 September 2007

My dear sister

to my 2'sis,

i hope u don't read this cause u gonna hurt urself....but if u come across this blog...this entry is post here cause of care and luv...

i really hope you notice that u don't really take care of your child, u take care more of your laki, when he should take care of u more...i really want u to do something about it before u menyesal...please be tegas lagi with ur husband...not i want u to separeted with him but i want u teach him and educate him, don't say u can't cause i know u can..and i really concern how u spend thing up...please don't spend gaji like rich people...that not the way..u deserve better life..i thing u just manage ur life wrongly in money side...please Allah, make my sister realize her mistake....to me sayangkan laki berpada2 sikit..and more than that i really worry and when i worry i will be stupid like anyhing & burst my anger like u don't have any feeling...cause i can't stand it anymore...in this ramandhan please pray for that man called my sister husband to change his poor attitude to be good husband...hope my sister also will realize that! I pray for that to Allah for this blessing Ramandhan and for sake of my father health and our future...to husband that cross this blog...sometimes ur wife family can hurt too!! So carefull the way u act and play ur role wise like a wise man...

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