08 May 2008

What for Lunch?

U stuck at office with two idiot who always argue about stupid thing, u proposed them stop arguing and order pizza instead, when u angry, u actually hungry, so before i get more angry, please feed me! Here it goes, all my diet has blow up by an idiot me, this week i full my stomach with few bottle of coke, makan @ mcd, KFC, Pizza Hut, Old Town and now Dominos, i'm a the idiots, but i just i don't care, cause now kay ell very panas, only coke can cool me down! As an expert in fast food menu, i order my dominos set to full 3 idiot that already plus me with Chicken Supreme flovour. U know, somehow it help, after that we all keep quiet, try to get sleep somehow....kih2...anyway what for dinner

1 comment:

  1. mkn.. tido.. mkn.. tido..
    fuhhh!!! syiokk, sehh!