04 July 2008


Hard to imagine my life without kids around me, i ground up by handling/caring my sister and brother, after few year then, i sometimes baby sit my pet sis children, it actually not a sometimes, it hundred of times, and then they move, still love them, then my 1st sister become nanny to natasha, her freind daughter, without doubt, all love was on her, and few year gone, one of us get marry, then come fiqriat and fikri, my own blood, my sister son, then call me ibu, i love them a lot, they noisy, naughty, playful, all sort of the boys thing they ever done, and their tag-team with their kakak tasha, my sister service as nanny as grow in the neighbourhood, they come aiman and aleeya join them, double horrible, sometime can be misserable too.....and opps what they she thinking, adding the other one?!!! oh my god! I have to rethink again about this marry thing. Why oh why.....emmm.......don't get wrong, i'm happy for her.....do this baby bring more joy to our family, amin.

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