23 July 2008

Excel formula....to roundown the number....

The number will appear like this when 1 x 2.5  will appear 2.5 ringht?

So we don't want the decimal and it will appear 3. Right?

But i don't want to round up i wanted the number to be round down!!!

So the anwer appear to 2 not 3. Emmm, so what i should do and i have to include in excel sheet.

And this for future use too...............ketap gigi, geram2 x dapat and then keep googling,

memula xtahu search apa,

just keep googling and then jeng2.....so nak tahu ke formula dia macam mana?


Tapi nak include include total so the formula should be like this


Another contoh like this spreadsheets created by me:

But please enter the SUM value dahulu and then modify later, kalau terus letak formula tue semua terus memang x jadi. k!

 Just for ur info!!!!

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