02 September 2008

new template

Hahhahha, new look! Oklah, since the poloraid banyak sgt orang dah pakai. lawa tak? Nampak macam ancient sikit kan? Nampak elegent tak? Berjaya siapkan dalam beberapa jam sahaja. Actually banyak entry nak post, ada yang dalam draft skrg nie, ada yang tak taip2. I got a lot stuff going on, blog RAMFC pun dah nampak terabai. Apa nie? hihihi, maybe i need to do follow with other moderator....tapi RAMFC should be for fun, not a serious stuff. Like i'm not taking it easy, i ain't taking it for granted either. Just, i focus in other stuff ringht now, plus my pc at home still waiting for the RAM thing that my sister promise me....sakai betul....order2 bertahun x dapat....klah...Hope u'll enjoy reading my previous entry, kah2....if guys boring, and have a lot to said about RAM, u guys should join RAMFC too and read Ramlee Awang Murshid Novel, it will inspired u....trust me!

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