01 December 2008

Gosh, just one more month, i'm turning 28...

Gambar hiasan;- My best frenz wedding

I got cold feet just thinking about this, actually more about where i been stand lately. Aku dalam dilema jap (teringat lagu kru lak). I revamp my blog again, back to basic. Black is basic. Just to put more info here. I know ur guys like this deco bersama eric kind of template, but it just not me and kinda can't put more thing back then.

Again raya just around corner and i thinking about go back kampung or not. I just think i need to go back to my mum. I really need to go to her, with some money or with no money at all. Just i need to go back as where i came from.

In mean time, i kinda get my thing in literature lately. Kinda feel like been doing something i been love all my life. Maybe it just one of thing that i should been doing for long time. If you get any time to spend, why not join me at this event, kinda cool to just hang out and learn something different than just watch overrated film at cinema.


  1. testing jgk...hehehe embedded commend box tu cm ne kak elle????yg fyena ni comment kat bwh post ni...cm tu ke???

  2. ni ker yg embed embed tue? hehehe testing testing 1 2 3.. cubaan~ suara~

  3. eh? td dh comment.. x kuar pon? hehe nie mesti masa dc td dia putus..

  4. eh? o.. patut la x kuar, hehe, tggu approve rupenye..