28 July 2009

Hamas in a book

Understanding the issue is the important expect to settle a problem. I realize this what most western has neglect.

Reading previous book and this book lately make me understood, nobody smart enough to accuse another people a terrorist as themselves a terrorize of their own people.

I hope many western seek info outside of their country then rely own of the publication. As i see them has been spoon feed enough by their prejudice media.

As muslim in my country and other country to seek for different source of our own religion before prejudice your own belief and made other belief it true. Muslim women also has to seek and understanding that Islam never put women in low lever in any of Islam word. We have our own right and our right are fairer with the man, just we have to understand as the mans also should  understand their role as stated in our religion.

To other believer, i hope either than respect, you people also should seek for understanding for other people religion as you wish we are. We not perfect slave to our own God neither than you. We also hope better world for our children like the rest of you. When we said it our land, it our land. When it proven that is not you land, please leave before it too late.

By reading this book, i have inspire that still a kind of leader will die to fight for his own people. I hope someday, my country will have this kind of leader. My pray also goes to all my brother and sister in Palestine, i hope Allah will help them soon so they get baca land that been inherited by them and own by them.

The Malaysian book publication, hope your guys continue to publish this kind of book to educate not just Muslim but other believer to understand issue facing by our Muslim in or out of this country.

Nota: Sila abaikan grammar atau ejaan yang salah. Motif saya supaya entri dapat difahami oleh masyarakat dunia umumnya. Insyaallah.


  1. Assalamualaikum, sis. Yes, a good one, insyaAllah.

  2. Like to have the book...will look for it

    Salam Perkenalan