08 October 2009

Great Lost…

I have great lost yesterday……this entries is for my record and dedicated to the women beside my mother and my sis, who i known love me love truly and tenderly…..my grandmother…

In Great and Loving Memory of Chumeh Binti Babjan…..(1914-2009)


Last raya is the last raya i have with my grandmother…we treasure people when we lost them, we treasure it more when we know the person will not be return back to us.



  1. salam Elle ~ no words can describe how sorry I am for your loss but i trully kno she will always live in ur heart.hugs

    Hari ini kita disini, esok kita dimana? Al-Fatihah

  2. my condolence to you and your family member....Al'fatihah.
    B Strong coz U R a Strong Gal...

  3. Al-fatihah. Yang pergi tetap pergi. Cukuplah kematian itu peringatan untuk Mukmin.

  4. innalillahi wainnailaihi rajiun...

    slm takziah kak elle...