12 December 2009

Being in denial…

I have to deny any of my feeling now…i have to being rational and somehow i know that person think as same as i am…terpulanglah, satu hari akan terungkai juga semuanya….

As aku cuba mengatur masa depan…aku juga tgh fikir2kan tentang umur akan beralih tidak lama lagi…what next and what going to happen….

As office politic really becoming more and more susah…susahkan hati aku jea..and parent start asking about my problem and my life…biasalh mak bapak mana x risau…dan aku cuba and try new things…and hoping sangat new year is great year for RAMFC…guys don’t give uplah…let take a chance and making better…i have to publish back that song

Cubalah baca lirik2 tue, ada makna tersirat selain mengajar org pegi mengorat….as this last week for my dear BFF anim bachelor week…i hoping she is going to have so much joy in his married life…hopefully bad akan bahagiakan kawan aku nie…hope sangat2….kena warning mamat nie…

Rasanya this not my last post for this year…just nak wrote some note before big event here and days,,,to kawan2 harap2 jgn terasa degan gurauan2 tue…kalau dah melampau tue tolonglah warning den…den nie manusia biasa jea…takde tulah kalau warning den nie…

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  1. My dear BFF Syeila. Thank you so much for that wonderful hens night.I was greatly touched by the effort you and the girls prepare to make it a wonderful night for me.Thank you for forcing me to do the singing part until I completely forgot myself. What..I can SING! What a wonderful night. Nice and wonderfully done by you & my other BFF. I will treasure that moment for the rest of my life. Thanks you so much again for my my night and I had an amazing night to remember. Love AnimNahima