14 January 2010


100_3109 Everybody are entitle to get everything they expect they should have…from raised of salary to datukship. Before we have all that, we should thankful first to what we already have. If not,  how higher thing will go, how big is the achievement, will we never feel it, we always feels incomplete of task, we are not good enough on what we already done. At then end, we missed thing that we should care more than leisure of the worlds like our family, true friends and people in need.

This reminder for myself and friends…

Picture showing my BFF wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. It Akad Nikah Ceremony. May Allah bless this couple as His bless my friendship with her. Amin.

P/S: Before i end, the above note nothing to do with my friendship with her. Just thing happen recently in my life.

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